Agro Industrial Center

This has been one of our traditional areas of activity, since 1986. This department offers management and consultancy services as well as supplying Tractors and Implements, Harvesters, Silos, Mobile Tractors, Maintenance Workshops and a full range of Chemicals and Irrigation Systems.

We distribute Nitrogenous based Fertilizer, and also import and market Urea and NPK Fertilizers. Our goal is to promote an Agricultural revolution that will enable the entire African Sub-Region to become self-sufficient in Food Production, and further promote Economic Empowerment through the agricultural sector.


  1. We help to produce vegetables at a low cost.
  2. We teach small holders how to grow vegetables.
  3. Create employment and gender participation in economic activities.
  4. Provide employment for the disabled and the elderly too.
  5. Create landspace and lease out to small holders.

Potatoes Farming

Potatoes; Otherwise called the super food is very rich in minerals that keep the body healthy. The cultivation of this crop ensure food security and revenue generation.

Groundnut Farming

Groundnut is a cash crop and heavy revenue earner. It is cultivated around the world and covers a land area of over 24 million hectares.

Palm Plantation

The need for palm oil is rapidly growing across the world. The high productivity of choice palm fruits offers far greater yield at lower cost of production. We undertake the complete production of palm oil from cultivation to maintenance and processing.

Plantain Production

Plantain is easy to cultivate and maintain. Plantain farming is a profitable venture with very high yielding results to the investors. The plant multiply rapidly on its own, making the yield increase more and more. Plantain survives on every soil and produce fruits all through the year.

Pineapple Plantation

Pineapple is a tropical fruit with great health benefits. It is very juicy with sweet tropical flavour. The production of Pineapple offers opportunity for the establishment of processing industries, expansion of capacity and higher income for the investors.

Pineapple thrives in warm and humid environment.

Wheat Plantation

The growing demand for wheat based products in the world market has presented an opportunity for wheat farmers to increase their yield and production level and contribute to the world wheat supply chain. With the right initiative and investment in this area, investors will earn huge revenue.

Agro Industrial Centers

Construction and establishment of an advanced Agro farm settlement, purchasing improved seedlings as well as providing inputs and training services, helps the investor to increase yield and generate more revenue.

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