The loss of revenue through crude oil theft, pipeline vandalization, illegal bunkering, attack on oil and gas facilities, directly impacts on national economy of the affected country. It also fuels violence and insecurity, feeds corruption, finances weapons purchase and pollutes the environment. Pointec has provided services in the area of securing Oil and Gas installation and facilities everywhere including in very difficult terrains.


  • Securing pump stations.
  • Securing Refineries.
  • Offshore Rig Securing Concept.
  • Oil Field Production Security.

The oil system is vulnerable to the following threats:

  • Theft of Crude Oil & Finished Products.
  • Attacks on Offshore Facilities.
  • Physical Attacks on Persons & crews of the Oil Companies.
  • Attacks on Pipelines and other Vital Land Facilities.

Facing the Challenges for:

  • Reduction of crude oil theft.
  • Denying damages to vital facilities.

Means of tackling challenges

  • Surveillance and detection.
  • Command and control centre input.
  • Reaction capability.