For over 30 years, POINTEC meritoriously served the Armed Forces and the Police in Nigeria and around the world, in the supply of security equipment and we perform all our obligations in the most professional manner, with utmost integrity.

We supply full complement of Military, Police and Para-military equipment including, but not limited to the following:

  • Armament.
  • Aircraft and Spares.
  • Tanks.
  • Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC).
  • Naval Boats and Hovercrafts.
  • Surveillance Aircraft.
  • Troop Carriers.
  • CCTVs.
  • Airport and Bank Security Devices.
  • Police Riot Control Equipment.
  • Cash in-Transit Vehicles, and more.

Military Hardware

Upgrade Maintenance and Servicing

We have introduced the upgrade of equipment and assets, and adapted them for suitability to client’s needs.

Maintenance and Servicing of these assets are paramount to our company.

Our Innovations

The SU-27 Multi-role Attack Fighter Jet is Russia’s acclaimed trophy to the world. Our company, in collaboration with our partners, pioneered the inclusion of Western Avionics and Weaponry Upgrades to this aircraft for various customers.


Cash in Transit Armoured Vehicles

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and other Banking institutions are major clients of Pointec, with the supply of Armoured Bullion Vans and Cash in-Transit vehicles. The popular Landrover Defender 110 HT model with Diesel Turbo Engine 7.50 R 16, fully armoured is part of Pointec inventory in the CBN fleet.

Also supplied and maintained are other varieties of Armoured vehicles; including Mercedes Benz, Ford and other specialized ones that are purpose built for these essentially critical services.

we are Collaborative

Pointec initiated and pioneered the establishment and equipping of the Lagos State Police Rapid Response Squad (RRS) to combat the increased intensity and sophistication of violent crimes in the State. The supply of Armoured Personnel Carriers built for speed and easy maneuverability, and other military hardware to the RRS by Pointec reduced crime drastically.